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Dominique Peska-Howell

My name is Dominique Peska-Howell. I am the Owner & Consultant for Restore Financial Solutions. Restore Financial Solutions was created out of my passion for teaching, budgeting, credit, and finances. Our goal is to educate indivisuals on how to become properly protected thru life insurance, identity theft protection, mortgage protection & financially sound through budgeting, credit, and finances.

Let’s be honest! Finances is not a friendly topic. Growing up my mother didn’t have a lot of conversations with me around money. She always emphasized the importance of getting a college degree, and a good job as a way to financial freedom. I followed all steps, but yet still found myself unfulfilled, and struggling financially.

I got my first credit card the day I turned 18 years old. I knew the importance of keeping good credit, because I seen my mom struggle. I purchased my first house at 21 years old, a couple years later I was facing foreclosure. My car was repossessed, and as a result I had to file for bankruptcy. It was a very difficult decision. After several attempts I learned how to rebuild my credit, only to be back in debt several years later. At some point I was living off of credit cards, blew my budget every month, and robbing Peter to pay Paul. I made a budgeting plan to get out of debt, and rebuild my credit score once, and for all. Just last year, we were able to purchase a brand new home!

In 2010, my mother passed away, unexpectedly. My worst fear was having to stand on the corner of a road to do a car wash. Thank God several years prior my aunt and I started a Life Insurance policy for her. In 2012, I decided to get my Life Insurance License to help others avoid the burden of having to bury a loved one, and be responsible to come up with the money to bury them.

In 2014, I decided to get my Real Estate License to help others to leave a legacy for their children thru the path of Homeownership.

In 2019, I became a Loan Signing Agent/Mobile Notary to help service individuals with getting their home loans funded in a timely manner.

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